Blog Writer Outsourcing..? How Tempting..?

Now that the Internet world is becoming more and more accessible from different parts of the world many avenues of other country outsourcing is becoming popular..  Even myself a full time online writer has been offered this tempting possibility however i decided against it because i want my audience to know all my online writing was from me alone.. However it is always very tempting and have heard many using it..

Let’s look at an example to see what I am talking about, in Australia if you paid a writer to write for you it would be about $20 dollars an hour however with outsourcing the offers i have been offered it can be around $3 dollars per hour, from each hour bringing in usually two to three posts.. Now, when you look at the aspect that some of these outsourcing companies have thousands of workers, you could easily have 1000 unique articles written for you within a few days.. ($350)

The only thing in question I ask is what is the quality.? I have seen so many websites and some are top blogs which have used this technique (will not mention name) and have done well however if say the writers use bad grammar which seems common or misspelled words, is there a guarantee there.. And also how do we know that they are not just already existing articles that have been rewritten with a program..? This is pretty obvious though when this is done, but still it is possible..

The last point or thought I will make is even though it is tempting, amping your blog with other people’s work seemed a bit like cheating in a way.. Tempting though…But yeah… What do you think..?


  1. Erin Turner says

    There is a rapid growth of Outsorcing these days as manufactures try to cut cost and maximize profit..-.

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