Blog Writing and How to Fall in Love with your Creative Side?

How to Fall in Love with your Creative Side?Using your creative side while running your own blog is an important aspect of keeping inspired and writing with emotion. Many writers will describe the creative side in a way like a relationship or like falling in love. In many ways I agree, the creative side is what separates good writers from great writers and the same goes with blog writing..

There are many ways to fall in love with your blog and creative writing, some of these ways include writing about your passions, what makes you feel good and taking the time to master your style.. If everyone that blogged thought there was a simple switch to finding the creative side it would make it a lot easier, yet it is not that easy.

One of the best ways I find to find it is by keeping at it or keep writing and over time you will progress into a more creative and inspiring writer.

Below are Some Elements to help tune in to your Creative Side Quicker:

1. Include emotion in your writing as much as possible
2. Write about passions and include yourself as well as others in your writing
3. Write in focus of helping others and others will gladly give positive feedback to keep you inspired. The Inspiration received will help keep you going and encourage the creative aspect.
4. Have fun and be creative, there is no rules in blogging, so do it your way, have your unique voice.
5. Stick to your own niche, if you feel like straying, well then make another niche. It is important to keep your website on topic so you know your audience and they will love you for it.
6. Choose an awesome wordpress theme to be proud of.  I recommend Elegant Themes or Thesis as a couple of choices. As another option download my book by subscribing below and I go over many options.
7. Do not feel forced to write instead focus on quality and providing value, it is much better to create something that is of value to be proud of than just churning out content.
8. Share your voice and relate with others, make a community around your blog by commenting often and keep active..
9. Another creative point is to always stick to your plan, know what your sites goal is and stick to that..

Over time as your writing develops you will notice improvements, it is okay to have trouble writing in the beginning, it is part of life with all life’s learning’s. Keep focused and the creative side will improve..


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