Blogger Vs WordPress, Which one is Better?

blogger vs wordpress, which one is better?Well this question is a common question asked before most people start a Blog, which platform or script will I use for blogging? Two popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress.

Each one has there own benefits, but my personal choice would be WordPress though and I will say my main reasons why:

  • Plugin scripts can be easily added to the WordPress and installed. Blogger doesn’t have plugins.
  • WordPress is Seo Optimised, although you need to install the plugin that fixes the duplicate content issue first. Blogger is semi Seo optimised but nothing like WordPress.
  • Many templates to choose from. Blogger doesn’t seem to to have the quality templates WordPress has.
  • Large support system forums for WordPress. I once had an Seo issue with blogger and the problem never got solved
  • Better commenting system, doesn’t open in new window like blogger
  • And last main one, Look and feel. You can always seem to tell if their using blogger whereas with wordpress you sometimes have to look.

Ok well enough of my thoughts on WordPress compared to Blogger, which one do you think is better overall? Why not vote on it below.
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  1. Jason Lamarche says

    Cool Article Buyers Web!
    I switched to WordPress from Blogger about a year ago and then realized that it had problems embedding video which just killed it for me right there.
    I’m back at Blogger now and can post what I want when I want.
    I would enjoy some better SEO features but oh well. I don’t use the corny free layouts either so that has zero influence on my selection.
    However, I do agree that WordPress pages have a certain “feel” about them, to be quite honest I’m actually quite sad that I wasn’t able to keep blogging on WP.

  2. Timon Weller says

    Hey Jason,
    With the video embedding problem in posts on wordpress there is a few plugins for that you can use that solve that issue. It’s good to hear all the positive blogger feedback coming in.

  3. Jeanette Delgado says

    I just started, and I have to wait 30 minutes, for my blog in WP. In Blogger is in a minute.
    I will wait and finally decide.

  4. Timon Weller says

    Yeah take your time deciding between wordpress and blogger as it is a big decision if your going to be blogging for a while…

  5. havingmyperiod says

    I tried using WordPress AND Blogger at the same time. For ease of use, Blogger definitely wins. WordPress is more impressive in terms of functions and gadgets, and you can always get WordPress to do something Blogger cannot. It really depends on who’s going to be using it. I personally use Blogger, but use a 3 column template to get a more “WordPress'” look to it. You can see it here at

  6. Yeah your website does look alot like wordpress, however you can still just tell it is blogger.. 🙂

  7. im using blogger..
    but i agree that wordpress is better.. =)

  8. Jason Lamarche says

    Just a follow-up to my last post. I’ve been back with WordPress since they fixed their embedding video options in mid 2008. There is no absolutely no contest when it comes to this comparison. I think WP wins on all fronts and I’d be hard pressed to find a blogger comparative advantage; especially with the newer WP features and options!

  9. blogger seo says

    I think that wordpress i far better then a blogger blog because wordpress offers more tools and plug-in and a wordpress blog is better in SEO. THANKs

  10. SF Webdesign says

    As a webdesigner myself , I’m truely glad to see that someone brought up this topic.

    Many people out there just don’t understand what all is involved in our industry, and I think also we’re many times not appreciated enough
    or taken for granted. Never the less I’m glad to see that you feel the same way I do , thanks so much for this post!

  11. But i have my 106 post in blogger and now i want to shift to wordpress . what should i do?
    My blog is here.

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