Bloggers in Philippines may need a Licence to Blog!

Are you a Filipino Blogger..? If you are, you should be extra attentive to the news on what the NTC wants to do.. They want to introduce a licence requirement to blog online and not only that, they want to charge Bloggers for that licence.. This does not effect me as I am an Australian, however many of my reader friends on this blog are from Philippines and could effect them enormously..

Where is the Democracy..? Where is the Freedom of Speech..?

If you ask my opinion on it is another step back to create less democracy and less free speech, that would only negatively effect there economy and other economies that rely on this communication.. Basically to me it is like saying lets go back to the dark ages and let’s charge for speech to the outside world.. I could not believe this news and it makes me quite upset to hear the proposed price was 6300 peso per year as well for the licence, which means that they are basically wanting less bloggers online as some could not afford that..

Is this a Rumour…?

I don’t know why they are starting to even debate this anyway, as all servers are in either the US, UK, Australia or elsewhere, so implementing would be almost impossible.. I heard they tried to implement it in Malaysia without luck a few years ago, but because no one applied for the licence and kept blogging anyway they had to drop the restriction.. Sounds like a good protest to me as the government had to eventually give up on controlling free speech online.. Imagine how that could of impacted many over there as well..?

Why a Bloggers Licence..? Is it Political control..?

If you are wondering why this is happening, rumours are that it started from an abuse case being held against a female blogger from the Philippines who now lives in America.. In reaction to the abuse received from an official I will not mention, the girl decided to blog about the incident and now she is getting court action about her accusation online and because thousands of Bloggers decided to blog about it too.. The truth is being in a political role, you are open to negative feedback or positive feedback. If they cannot handle free speech being presented online, then they should not be in that position.. I mean if someone wants to write negative posts about me on there Blog, then they should have the full right to have there say on anything.. Otherwise what sort of world do we live in..?

Anyways, my feelings and thoughts go out to all Filipino Bloggers out there, spread the word and let yourself be heard.. Part of this post was referenced from Lyndsay Cabildo and Rom Feria, Manila Bulletin, Jan. 26, 2009..

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