Bloggers and Readers are all at the Pub!

When searching for readers or other bloggers to comment on your blog, when beginning to blog it can be quite difficult for newbies.. You may be getting 500 uniques a day and still only be receiving a few comments a day! What is the solution..? The solution is to go to the pub where many Bloggers and Readers are, I mean Blogcatalog..

Seriously Blogcatalog is like a Pub, Bloggers hanging out with readers, discussing topics, link baiting, forming groups, drinking traffic, you name it, it is going on at Blogcatalog.. Sometimes going there for a few rounds of discussions is all it takes to draw a few more readers to your blog..

Blogcatalog is a Forum for Social Bloggers..

Blogcatalog is a social network for readers and bloggers.. What does that mean for you, it means traffic..! I hang out there for a few rounds every now and then.. You may see me at the Buyers Web Profile there..

One aspect of starting to blog is we need to be active and draw some like minded readers and other bloggers, Blogcatalog is one of the best tools out there to help with this, there network allows linking, discussions, groups, sharing and much more.. It really is like the end of the day Pub for Bloggers.. Do you feel like a round..?

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