Blogging for Dollars

blogging for dollarsI always find when you are earning money online Blogging and like any business out there it’s always best to break down your earning goals into dollars. It is more realistic a goal when you can say for a new website or blog my fist goal of earning is 10 Dollars a day.

Breaking your goals down is an excellent way of investing your time properly when making money online. I mean imagine your goal was 100 dollars a day from your Blog for a starter goal. Doesn’t that seem like a hard goal to achieve compared to 10 dollars.

When you get the 10 dollar a day mark however you can double it to 20 dollars and so on. This is what i like to call progressive realistic goals. This keeps the destination in view without overdoing the result.

Blogging for Dollars – Goals for Starters –

1st Goal – 10 dollars a day
2nd Goal – 20 dollars a day
3rd Goal – 30 dollars a day
And so on…

After that i think you get the idea. The goal just keeps increasing. Blogging for Dollars is a good goal in any online campaign. Did you notice i even broke it down further into days because if you used months then you might be like oh i can achieve that by the end of the month. Always break things down as far as you can to what you consider realistic to you. Even 3 dollars a day in revenue might be more a realistic goal to some people starting out. That’s up to you?

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