Blogging Mommies – How to Make Money Online Being a Mommie?

Blogging Moms and Dads… How good is it that many stay at home Moms or Dads are Blogging while looking after the kids…? As well as having the potential to earn an extra income… In the last 20 years the Internet has changed a lot and Blogging is not just a writers option. If you look around you will notice all sorts of people are becoming bloggers now a days. Even as young as 13 some bloggers, what’s going on there..?

The option that’s available now for stay at home Mommies or daddies is great though, they can write a few posts a day while tending the kids or while the kids have a nap. By the time the kids are like 5 the blog will be massive and the potential investment is great.

At 7 or more you can show them your Blog and say something like “I created this while you were a baby.” By now your blog might have over 10000 to 15000 pages and growing. By monetizing the blog as the kids grow up you can have that extra freedom generated by the extra income… Spend it on your family, your kids, you and most importantly have an income set up for your family for later life…Kid in one hand, blog in the other, what more could you ask for..?

Also are Blogging stay at home Mommies or Daddies better parents…? Oh that question is controversial, just letting you know I’m joking there. If you are a stay at home Mom or Dad (or both) that has the time and want to learn how to blog and monetize an income from it then click here to learn more. Also if you enjoyed this post why not, subscribe to Buyers Web via email.


  1. Working at home is ideal, but I don’t know about you…but I put in more hours than I did going IN to the office! 🙂

  2. Timon Weller says

    Hi Susan,
    I think it can depend on what you are selling or promoting online to how many hours needed to maintain… I myself only need to spend an hour or two a day (monday to friday) to maintain my online business including this blog… 🙂

  3. It is a bit easy to make money online if you know how to get lots and lots of visitors on your website and if you have very good content on your website. you can use adsense, adbrite or infolinks.

  4. blogging is the way to go,to get traffic to your sites ,and offers but ranking for it is a other story.So much good content sitting in blogs never to be seen.

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