Blogging Tips That Make Money Online

blogging tips that make money onlineWhen you are new to blogging it is easy to make mistakes along the way. Hey even the professional bloggers make mistakes, I still make mistakes, that’s what makes us human don’t you think.. Making mistakes and learning how to not make them again. That is where this blog post comes, inspired by me to help those to make less mistakes. The big tips for blogging that will not only help you make a better blog but also help you make more money online from that blog as well.

Blogging Tips That Work

  1.  Make your blog SEO enhanced. Good for readers as well as the search engines, make sure to make your urls pretty with permalinks and also to have a site map.
  2. Pick a Niche You Like or even better pick a niche you love. This makes it enjoyable rather than a job.
  3. Don’t copy other peoples work or efforts, instead focus on your style of writing and be yourself.
  4. Be experimental, if you want to try something on your blog, do it and track your results, if it turns out to be a positive change keep it, if not remove it in time..
  5. Be patient. Don’t expect a blog with only 20 to 30 posts to be bring in thousands of daily visitors. Instead build it to at least 100 posts in that niche with good content and then add more related to what your readers like.
  6. Use analytics (stats) to find what your readers like on your site and build more around that. That simple trick can turn a blog from little earnings to big profit.
  7. Use images in your posts, basically said a unique post is good, but a post with some images rocks..
  8. Don’t be afraid to add a few related ads here and there, it is good to make money from your blog.
  9. ONLY use related affiliate ads.
  10. ONLY use affiliate ads that convert. This can be assessed in time. What I do as mentioned in my book is if after 200 clicks to the affiliate site there is no sales (approximately 1 sale in 200 is good ratio) then promoting another is better until you find what works.. This does not mean 200 visits to a page, 200 clicks out of your site to your desired affiliate program. For more on this read – Should i give up on this Affiliate Program?
  11. Use affiliate programs that earn money. One good example is clickbank items. They have some great products that one can promote in basically any niche.. This helps your audience and pays you as well.
  12. People love products, really love products and products convert the best overall so don’t be afraid to use some related recommended products from amazon to get some more sales. To be very effective pick a few good products in your niche from amazon and do a post on each. A good post and then interlink them from your posts on your blog from keywords that relate to the product.
  13. Adsense is only part of the piece of the pie in Making Money Online. To make some serious blogging cash Multiple streams of internet income is the best option – Read my four page post on this..
  14. Never forget the back links. Your site needs them alot. They are fuel for traffic.
  15. Remember the golden rule of Niche Blogging – Build the Niche, Rank the Niche and lastly Profit.blogging tips for dummies

The Awful or Hard Truth of Blogging

The awful or hard truth is simply that most people will have a lot of trouble making money online, it really is not easy work. If it was, every blogger would be making money, am I right. However that does not mean you can’t make money from blogging. Hey I do and so do many others out there. What I am saying is to do it you have to make mistakes sometimes and then keep going. To some after making mistakes that is it for them, they give up.. That is where I say, keep going, be patient, learn from that and change to be better at it and like anything you get better.

How I learned was not so much from other bloggers, it was from trial and error until I figured out what worked the best system for me. It took time, it was hard, but after quite a few hurdles the energy put in started to produce results.


  1. Thanks for these tips. I agree that you’ve got to keep at it for a while to see any return. Sadly, a lot of people have much higher hopes and give up after a few months when they haven’t materialized.

    Basically, you really have to be in it for the long haul. That’s why choosing a blog subject you know and love is very important. You’ll just keep going regardless of whether you make money then. (Which ultimately means that you probably will in the long run!)

  2. Joseph @ Telecommute Jobs says

    Some who fail instead of giving up decide they want to try the easy way. Thus the entrance of spam and scam other four letter words that are just as offensive as any other we know.

  3. Hey Joseph,
    Thanks for the comment, I agree.. Spam and scams are two ways to not make money at all in the long run online or get one in trouble with the law. To do it right, online marketing definitely requires the talent of patience..

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