Blogging with Adsense… What are the Alternatives?

Well every person out there generally knows what I am saying when i mention the word Adsense… If you have not it is a google owned advertising company that pays you for PPC advertising when people (web visitors) click the Ads on your website…

While they are a good program out there they aren’t the only program to plug into… First of all i wanted to say i don’t use them and one of the main reasons why is because there Ads don’t open in a new window… Fundamentally this is so important..

Another reason is they have a high payout threshold.. and last but still important they have no publisher protection for invalid clicks… This is an important one because potentially anyone can harm your account simply by clicking on your google displayed Ads multiple times… The sad truth is this can potentially effect a publisher whether they are at fault or not…

This is an uncommon occurrence I’m sure but still is detrimental to any publisher trying to make some money and is effected… Other than that Adsense contextual relevance is amazing.

Alternatives to Adsense… Bidvertiser

There are many alternatives to Adsense and other Affiliate programs you can plug in to your site to make money. As you can see on my blog posts i decided to go with Bidvertiser for my contextual in content advertising. They are a great alternative to Adsense which are similar and have many benefits in comparison.

Benefits of Using Bidvertiser on your Blog or Website –

  • Ads easily changed to Website or Blog Design
  • Ads open in new window. This is fundamentally so important, as you do not lose your web visitor.
  • Low payout of 10 dollars in PPC or referral earnings. Paid the following month into your Paypal account. Most contextual advertising is 100 dollar threshold before payout and then is either by check or bank account…
  • Being able to deny low bidding advertisers in your account. This potentially gives you the ability to except higher paying advertisers for your website meaning more money. This is a unique option for Ad publishers.

If you wish to sign up for a Bidvertiser Publisher Account Click Here

Other than Bidvertiser you can also use Affiliate programs on your blog or website that relate to your theme. As an example if you sold or had articles on puppies or dogs you would use dog related affiliate programs… Some Affiliate programs have really high payouts so looking at affiliate programs as well is a recommended option.

Video Below Shows My Most Recent Recommended Alternatives

  1.  Infolinks –
  2.  Chitika Ads –
  3.  Bidvertiser –
  4.  Clicksor –
  5. Vibrant Media –

If some of the recommended Affiliate programs to the right on this blog relate to your website or blog then i would recommend having a look at the ones that relate. They have all been tried, tested and have good ROI (return on investment) meaning good sales for low amount traffic to the affiliate program.

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