Blogging Withdrawal Pains

blogging withdrawel painsDo you have Blogging Withdrawal Pains again…?

You’ve tried yet again to ween yourself off, it’s been a few days but the withdrawals are back.

“Just One more post and i should be fine again for another day…”

You know you have the Blogging withdrawal Pains when you can’t go more than a few days without writing a Blog Post.

Common Blogging Withdrawal Symptoms :

  • Cold Sweats
  • Irritation
  • Dreaming about a Post
  • Checking your blog first thing in the morning before a Cuppa
  • 3 to 4 Blog Posts a day minimum to keep the addiction at bay
  • As the addiction gets worse it could grow to the level Blogging has become your life. Some people are saying this issue may become an epidemic.

    One Online Reader wrote (No Identities revealed to protect there identity) : ” The addiction of Blogging online is becoming worse, it’s hard to not stumbleupon a Blog post when searching the Search Engines..”

    Another Wrote : ” I was digging through websites today and kept coming into contact with Blogs… I was about to leave this Blog but was asked if i wanted to become a contributor to there blog. I thought why not, one or two can’t hurt then next thing you know one thing left to another and now i run my own blog. I write 5 posts a day and i feel i will never be able to stop now.. I have tried cutting back but i find i keep going back to my Blog..”

    For all help in quitting there is a free help line, why not call them to ask about your problems with your writing addiction. If you need help quitting call toll free 1800 STOP BLOG now.

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