Brainstorming a Great Blog to Life!

cheap web hosting recommended for blogWith any journey in life what is the most important aspect? The first step. Whether it is online work or anything in life this is the most important. In fact these steps are what have made us today, first it was learning to walk, second it was to talk and the list goes on.

Same goes with Blogging, to create a great blog the first step is what is so important. This step ensures motivation, drive, passion and lastly your focus if done right. In a way with any great idea like a visionary can be compared to the same. You must see and know what you want before you begin, like in a way driving a car, you know where you are going but the journey still exists with many turns and consequences.

This is where Brainstorming comes in, before starting the journey of a blog and taking the first steps into created it is always recommended that you stop first and brainstorm what you want.

This can be done simply by jotting down your niche that you LOVE and then take it from there, and in the end of brainstorming you may find certain elements of your niche you are more passionate about.

Below is an example of breaking up a niche with Brainstorming –

Say it was the CARS niche you wanted to make a Blog about

  • Upholstery – car leather, nylon, suede
  • Ferrari – Speed, luxury, fast, girls and cars
  • Tyres – Burnouts, sports tyres, fat rims
  • Car paint – Paint jobs, Acrylic, sports paint
  • Racing – Street racing, F1, Dirt rally, off road rally
  • Etc, etc..
  • Keep Brainstorming and breaking it down further..

Brainstorming a Blog to Reality..

Overall you can see above I took five keyword elements about cars and broke them up further, there are plenty of other keywords to go further, however from this simple two minute exercise you can see how much stuff I can write about on the blog about CARS. I also can also work out which ones of these broken up keyword elements I may be more interested in than the others which will allow me more motivation when I hit the beginning of the blogging road journey. Hey presto, a GREAT beginning for any Blog!

While brainstorming is not essential in website creation, it really does help get the job started better and also allows the free flow of thought to see more clearly the outcome of many months to years of your blogging  journey. In a way it is a bit like a guide from your own mind..

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