Bring in a Ton of Traffic to your Website with Article Distribution

Do you want more traffic..? One way is to use article distribution, basically what it is, is a way to get your articles seen across many websites… The best element is you can place a related link in the bottom of all articles that go back to your website or blog. Even for the back link potential it is worth it..

Down Side to Article Distribution..

The only down side to article distribution is the duplicate content factor and search engines, however even though it does this, it still can bring in potential business, and for what, a couple of hours a day for a few days and then distributing 20 quality articles you have written..

A Link is still a Link…

The important factor to remember when online marketing is a link is a link, it still creates traffic and traffic is key.. If we spent all day focusing on only duplicate content issues and no follow issues, no one would comment on other blogs or even distribute a single article, but they still do, and I will tell you why..? Because it still brings in traffic.. And that is what we are all after, true..?

Okay so back to my point on Article Distribution, here are some Key Benefits –

  • Many more avenues of traffic..
  • Can build more of a name for yourself as a writer and your blog..
  • Back links even if they are duplicate – some potentially may count still.. And remember how I mentioned earlier in a previous post, Google confirmed incoming links cannot harm us, so do not worry about this…
  • More avenues of earning if you use affiliate links in your articles – if you do use affiliate links use a plugin like go codes to comply with Article Websites terms.. Go codes redirects affiliate links, so they look like they are going to your website but are redirected to the affiliate program. They have two benefits, cleaning up links and also hiding your affiliate link.. And example of some is in this post to article trader..

I am interested in Article Distribution, Where do i begin..?

A good start is to write about ten articles and see how they go and then periodically write ten more.. As time goes on, go into your stats and see the results for articles alone, you may be surprised… One of my recommended places to distribute your articles is with article trader, for only $14 they will share your article on 347 other article websites.. If you have over 20 articles you can see how that can mean a lot of potential for your blog or web site.. That is 347 avenues of daily visits, plus if you do 20 or more that is 20 more avenues daily to receive more daily visits and so on.. As I have mentioned in previous posts more traffic to your website increases Alexa rank and the more Alexa rank the more rank you have with other search engines as well.. So it is a win win for all…

Overall article marketing is another good way of getting your name out, as well as get more traffic to your web site. By using it as side part to any online business campaign can it can bring in more potential customers and generate more income for your web site..

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