Building Cashflow is the Secret to Wealth!

This was a question asked of me recently, what is Cashflow and what does it do? The simple and quick answer is Cashflow is money coming in whether one works at all.. It means if for say some tragic reason your work ended money would still keep flowing.. To some if they can’t work they are in trouble.. Are you in that category? If so, it’s time to focus on Cashflow as it is the secret to wealth..

As i have mentioned in previous posts before i used to work for a network marketing company in Australia. It taught me a lot, mainly from listening to many wealthy people. One commonality for those that have little money to start was the same.

“Start small and build Cashflow. Do not listen to others and the gimmicks, Cashflow is key..”

My close friend put it simply for me, start to try to build $10 dollars a day and take it from there. Do not go big.. Just start from the beginning and build. Many people may play with your understanding of what you are doing, but just keep focused on building that daily Cashflow..

A really simple concept that works.. In time that $10 i earned a day from online business and investments built into a great daily cashflow of today.. Now i have travelled many countries and many places and i owe it all to this understanding.

How to Build Cashflow?

There are many ways to build Cashflow and each involves time and energy so no get rich scams here okay. Internet based business is a good start and so is online share investment.. Yes shares are risky, but in order to make some real money one must commit to calculated risks, true..? In fact if you look at any venture out there a percentage of risk is involved..

Basically any venture which requires an automated effort to create return is a perfect example of wealth Cashflow..

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