Building Traffic by Submitting to Directories!

building traffic by submitting to directoriesOne way of building traffic for your website is submitting to some quality web directories. There are many good ones out there, I usually find a good list and submit to 10 to 20 at a time. The reason they are so good is they are in a way like a small search engine that people use to find quality listings.

Directories a lot of the time are biased more than search engines, excepting only quality listings so some people prefer them when looking for a service or product. Not only these reasons they are a great source for a back link to you website.

One good place I use to find good new web directories to submit to is Advertising and Exchanges section of Php Link Directory Forum. Here a lot of new and established directory owners will advertise there directories.


  1. Justin Brooke says

    Articles can help you increase the site traffic, and to make that happen then you may want to submit your contents to article directories. Look for the free directories. Thanks for sharing this information.

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