Buying Pad Thai in Bangkok – Khao San Rd Area

buying pad thai in bangkok, khao san rd area - videoWell i have to say i am quite addicted to Thai cooking, the fresh ingredients and many styles of curries, fried rices, noodles, soups and many more. One of my favourite meals can be purchased from the streets called Pad Thai. It is a flavoursome dish of fried noodles, vegetables, eggs if desired or chilli’s and many sauces.

The video below is of a Pad Thai Purchase i made in Khao San rd area. What I love particularly about Pad Thai other than the good flavour is you can watch your meal being made in front of you.

Pad Thai – 20 Baht (60 cents AUD)
Pad Thai with Egg – 25 Baht (75 cents AUD)
Pad Thai with Chicken – 35 Baht ($1.15 AUD)

Overall Pad Thai is one of the many inexpensive delicious healthy meal choices in Thailand. Tomorrow i will be heading to Chang Mai in Northern Thailand and i will see what they have to offer there in food..

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