Call to Action Marketing

Lately I keep forgetting one element on my blog that is so important.. A Call to Action element at the end of a blog post.. Why i have forgotten to use this element, i do not know why as i know it produces more traffic.. If you are unsure what a Call to Action element is, it is when you finish a post or article on your blog and you ask your readers to do something for you..

Using Call to Action is a very effective free way of spreading the word (free marketing) of an article or post simply by adding a few words..

Some Good Examples of a Call to Action on a Blog

1. ) Thank You for reading, do not forget to tweet or subscribe to my blog to help spread the word about this post.. To do so is simple and takes a few seconds.

2. ) If you enjoyed reading this post on “Call to Action Marketing” then please do us a favour and tweet or share this post with one of the social networks. I put a lot of time into my blog so any help can be repaid in this way.. Thank You..

3. ) Do you agree with this post, if not or if you want to add another opinion, why not write about it on your blog and reference your different opinion. Do not forget to use a track back (url of this post) link included in your post.. Thank You..

4. ) Did this post help you in any way..? If so, then good, now can you share it with some of the social networks such as
Twitter or Facebook. It only takes a moment and helps me a bunch.. Thanks..

Okay so that is four good examples above, use your imagination to create more effective persuasiveness to your Call of Action.. Even if it gets you a share one in 50 visitors it is a good response.. One share can create hundreds to thousands of extra vistors..

Okay so anyways.. Now my Call to Action on this post, if this post helped you or your blog or if you are just feeling really generous then please tweet this post (or Facebook share) or share on the social networks.. It only takes less than a minute.. Thank You..


  1. An interesting post, hadnĀ“t really thought about the language i use in my posts, just seem to write them. You make a fine point though i probably should be thinking about this kind of thing. Thanks

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