Don’t Put all your Affiliate Programs in the One Basket

When choosing your affiliate programs it is always best to use more than one, this way you can then decide which ones work best on your website and which ones do not seem to work at all.. Too many times I see people putting all their affiliate effort into one basket and if say for […]

How to find the right Niche Affiliate Programs for your Website?

When deciding to add some affiliate programs to your website it is important to find the ones related to your niche. In fact if the decision making on what to promote is wrong, then making money from your niche can be next to Nil.. One way of finding your niche affiliate is with an affiliate […]

I decided to add the Deal of the Day Widget Again

i deecided to add the deal of the day widget back again

A couple of months ago I removed the deal of the day widget by Dealdotcom, due to low performance on my blog. I have recently decided to add it back again.. I will also try and see if I can move it around my blog to see if performance improves. The reason I decided to […]

My Goal – Over a Thousand Dollars in Sales in One Day Achieved!

over a thousand dollars in sales in one day achieved

(Healthy celebrating with a good serve of fruit salad, later on I think beers and drinks sound good) Achieving your own goals through Internet Marketing is always the best feeling. It keeps you going and it drives us to make more goals. Recently one of my goals I achieved was receiving more than a thousand […]

3 Kickass Ways to Make Money Online with Images

3 kickass ways to use images to make money online

In a previous post I mentioned 3 Reasons for adding an Image to a Web Page and one element was how images can make you money online as well. In this post I wanted to go into detail about this with 3 Kickass ways you can make money online from using images on your blog […]

Common Mistakes made when new to Affiliate Marketing!

common mistakes made with those new to affiliate marketing

If you are new or are experienced with affiliate marketing there are a number of common mistakes many make when becoming new to the field. Below are some of these common mistakes newbies can often make with Affiliate Marketing and how to fix them from happening. I will not go into every mistake that can […]

Affiliate Relationships – Helping your Affiliates Make Money

One way of affiliate marketing is by building affiliate relationships. Simply put this is the guiding of new affiliates you refer in a program and helping them make money online. Many top affiliate marketers are doing it and it does work.. It just takes quite a bit of your own time as investment.. Let me […]