Three Reasons to Avoid Automated Blogging?

Omg.. How many automated plugins are there out there now..  (Names not mentioned entirely for privacy, but anyone that is familiar with them will know what i mean.. )  So many promising lots of traffic, great SEO and all the other marketing features any get rich quick traffic scheme could offer. Let me tell you […]

Explain Blogging – How to Really Explain Blogging?

When i first started blogging the whole idea was to help others understand a bit more about me and how i make money online.  I really did not know much about the whole concept of blogging as an online tool or how it can benefit any business. It was not until after a few posts […]

How to Make Content Go Viral?

One of the many successes people have online is the ability to make content move. It is one thing to have content sit and be read by those that find it, yet it is another to have others discussing it.. That’s where using viral techniques come in and i will discuss in this post.. First […]

How to Make a Business Out of a Blog?

blog web hosting

This is always a hard question, so many people look at there blogs like it is personal diary. While others may even take it so far as to believe money should not be made from blogging. The truth is either way if you want to make money from a blog we all need to look […]

How to Set Up Multiple Streams of Internet Traffic?

How is your web traffic going..? If you are like the many other web owners out there, your numbers are probably low, am I right.. Are you receiving less than a few hundred visitors a day to your website or blog? If this is the case read on.. As like setting up multiple streams of […]

You Have to Build Lists of People!

How is your list going? No matter what you sell online building a list is so important. What do I mean by a list you may ask? It means a mailing list, email subscription lists or social network lists. While Feed Burner by itself is really good, doing a few free emailing courses as well […]

Are you Adapting to your Blogs Environment?

Do you know the feeling? Your walking through the blogging jungle, trees are everywhere, dangers are at every corner. You cut your way further and further yet the jungle keeps fighting back. You are lost in many ways trying to know the right way to go, and then.. From beyond your view you see a […]