Fishing for more Blog Traffic with Twitter Trends

twitter keyword trends

How this technique of getting traffic works is very similar to the Google Keyword Trends post I did recently. Basically with your blog and the aid of Twitter Tools you post about topics with a Twitter keyword trend in it. Below is a Three Step Plan to using Twitter Keyword Trends for Traffic. 1. )  […]

10 Ways to Get Deep Links to Your Website

How is your link building campaign going..? While, building links for your homepage is good, links to other pages within your website (deep links)  is really good also as it allows better internal search results and also will increase your websites overall traffic levels. If you are still unsure of what a deep link is […]

What is the Main Keyword Trend of Trends in Google Trends?

Over the last few weeks I have been consistently checking out and evaluating the flow of the top 100 on Google Trends. It is interesting that different days of the week can have so much different results, yet I believe I have found a common overall trend.. It took me a while before I could […]

Create More Traffic with Link Referencing Swaps!

link referencing swaps

Do you want more website visitors or traffic? One solution is with link referencing swaps. When I am referring to a link referencing exchange I am referring to a link in a post or a content page to another related website. Why would you want to link reference swap you may ask? Simply put, it […]

Want More Search Engine Traffic? – Welcome to Google Trends

more search engine traffc with google trends

Sometimes when looking or trying to work out exactly what to write about, a good tool that may help is the new Google Trends. Not only can it help find a keyword topic many people out there are interested in, but can also increase website traffic. Simply put the top hundred trends on Google trends […]

How to Convert Visitor Traffic to Sales? Knowing Your Marketplace

how to convert visitor traffic how to know your marketplace

This is part two in the How to Convert Visitor Traffic to Sales Series? Part one was about increasing length of stay. In this one it is about learning and knowing your marketplace. There are so many elements in this topic, age specific, country specific, gender specific or product or service specific. By knowing all […]

Building Traffic by Submitting to Directories!

building traffic by submitting to directories

One way of building traffic for your website is submitting to some quality web directories. There are many good ones out there, I usually find a good list and submit to 10 to 20 at a time. The reason they are so good is they are in a way like a small search engine that […]