Writing Rule One : Always Write Unique Content

writing rules - always use unique content

How is your unique content going..? When starting to write online it is always so easy to be distracted by the lazy way out when it it comes to content.. It may be a blog or it may be a new web site, one of the most important online aspects is unique content and content […]

Tips to Keep your Blog Related to your Niche?

How is your website niche going..? Are you keeping to your main niche or are you drifting..? It is okay to drift a bit but in order to keep your readers happy it is best to stick to your niche as much as possible.. Here is some tips below on how to do so.. Tips […]

How to Write a Reflective Essay or Post?

In a previous post i wrote about How to Write a Persuasive Essay or Post? In this post I thought I would discuss a different perspective, a reflective one – How to write a good Reflective Essay or Post..? Writing a reflective post is all about providing a thoughtful analysis on something… In a way […]

How to Write a Persuasive Essay or Post..?

how to write a persuasive essay or post

Writing a persuasive essay or post is a very effective way of getting your point across in any field. It is also a excellent way of constructing a web post or for really effective online marketing. The steps detailed below in this post, will not only help you write a persuasive essay, but also will […]

WooThemes – An Awesome WordPress Themes Club!

an awesome wordpress themes club

As I have mentioned in millions of my previous posts, a good theme or template is one of the most important and valuable elements for your blog or website. Not only does is it create a good first impression for any reader of visitor, it also sums up to the visitor you are serious about […]

If Content is the King, then a Blog is the CASTLE!

Don’t forget who is your King!!! Hail… Ye Content! One major goal in all professional websites is to create large streams of visitors that are targeted to your theme. The best way to do this which many forget is content.. Basically content is the KING! No Joke… If you are really serious about your website […]

How to form a Blogging Team on your WordPress Blog?

how to form a blogging team on your blog

I have noticed forming a blogging team is a common practice especially from some of the major blogs in my related blog field. It is basically where the blog owner allows certain blog writers to guest posts on there blog. It seems to be becoming more and more popular and if you ask me is […]