Cheap Flights Comparison Confusion or Conclusion?

Well it’s that time of the year again for me and i am organising myself another trip from Australia to Thailand. The first thing i did was go online to the major comparison flight websites to see the prices. These websites claim cheap tickets but by the prices i was quoted they were right off the mark this time. I was almost convinced prices had gone up on the discount airlines in the last year until i searched some airlines separately.

“When buying tickets online to go anywhere it really is worth your time and money to look around, let me show you some good examples of some price comparisons i found”

“Which one is it…? Cheap Flights Comparison Confusion or Conclusion, you decide…?”

I live near the Gold Coast and Brisbane so i am looking for reasonably priced flights to Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia then to Bangkok, Thailand. Here is some examples and comparisons of Plane flight prices for the 15th of July 2008. I think you will be surprised at the differences.


cheap flights comparison


The website above claims to be the cheapest in Australia for flights and also has a Gaurantee. Cheapest airfare ticket here is $553. They list alot of the major cheaper airlines but none of the above prices even came close to the figures recieved by the results below.

cheap flights comparison

Wow that’s more like it from the website image above – $287…But is there any cheaper still…? This is from a direct discount airline in Australia.

cheap flights comparison

Okay $150 sounds a lot better i think you would agree… That’s a saving of over 300% compared to the first figure. Even the second one is a lot more closer to the mark. I’m sorry to the price comparison website in the first example above, you had me confused there for moment. This price above from another direct discount airline website in Australia.

Now you can see why it is always worth looking around for the best priced tickets online… Good luck with your next plane flight.

Please note: The reason i have not provided the Airline names websites is to respect the privacy of these Airline Companies and online flight agents.

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