Checking the Bidders Bid Amount with Bidvertiser – Better Than Other Ad Networks

checking the bidders in bidvertiserWhile a lot of people choose other ad networks such as AdSense or Yahoo publisher to put on there website. I still continue to stand by Bidvertiser as the better choice. In this post i wanted to mention another reason for Publishers to use Bidvertiser as an option for advertising on there blog or website for making money.

While the other networks have benefits let me lay out some important unique reasons to choose Bidvertiser over others that are similar.

1) Ads open in NEW WINDOW – AdSense or Yahoo publisher ads do not.

2)Payment to Paypal for anything earned over $10 in a month

3) Customisable ads – Colours look feel

4) Great conversion Referral Program

5)  Lastly and what i mainly wanted to discuss in this post – Being able to check the Bidders in your account. Being able to decline low bidding bidders. Why is this important? Well mainly because if you only want to receive 20 cents or more per click then decline all lower. If you wanted to receive only over $1 per click then decline lower than that. I have bidders willing to pay over $5 dollars per click. Think of the potential benefits there that Bidvertiser has over other advertising networks.

To check the bidders bid amounts in your Bidvertiser account firstly Click on the Ads Status in your account. To decline a low bidder or a advertiser you don’t want displayed on your web page click decline on the ones you don’t want then down the bottom of the page click update to update what will be displayed.

Look at the Screenshot Below to see what i Mean…

checking the bidders in bidvertiser

I don’t really need to say more, any ad network that can produce more than $3 per click is the better choice i reckon. To find out more about Bidvertiser or to sign up for a Bivertiser Publisher Account click here.

Also one more thing, if you are looking for some FREE quality traffic, you can receive $20 dollars in FREE advertising from opening a new advertising account with Bidvertiser. To receive this free promotion deal or to find out more about there Advertising system click here.


  1. mohd alamin says

    can u plz plz say me how can i approve and decline bidders ???

  2. ashleigh says

    your instructions weren’t that step by step or clear? where exactly do you find this? i seriously cannot find this.
    also would you know how to stop bidvertiser displaying their own ads on my page, they’re not worth any clicks 😐

    • Hey Ashleigh,
      The reason the instructions are a little unclear is because Bidvertiser does not have this option anymore.. Unfortunately they removed it.. I don’t know why..

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