Chiang Khong, Thailand to Huay Xai and Laos Immigration Flooding

chiang Khong thailand to huay xai laos floodingBefore Crossing the Mekong river in the northern town in Thailand the Thai Immigration building was completely underwater. They had set up a stall to process departures and the river crossing over the Mekong to Huay Xai.

When I had fully crossed the Mekong River i was not surprised to see the Immigration over in Laos was flooded as well…

The river surely was up but the way the local people just dealt with the issue was like it was a normal day… north thailang immigration flooding

For the homes and buildings near the Mekong river it is unfortunate to see them underwater.

Even under these harsh conditions the local people are always smiling a unique and amazing characteristic of South East Asian people.

Huay Xai is a small border town which caters mainly for going to and from the the Thai and Laos Border. laos girl walking over bridge local house

Because of the large amounts of rain they have been experiencing in these parts the river is only allowing large boats to travel upĀ and down so it was unfortunate to not have the boat trip down through the country to Luang Prabang.

Instead I hopped on a local bus and made the 24 hour trip through mountainous rugged amazing countryside of Laos..

laos bus ride view

When you realise it is going to be a slow trip it’s best to remember this is how beautiful Laos is like everyday. Welcome to the calm and relaxing pace of Laos..

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