Choosing the right Title for your Website

One thing is for sure when designing a website, if you do not use an effective title to sum it up then it can effect your overall web business. One thing in particular it can effect is search engine results. By choosing the right title for your pages not only will you receive better traffic but you will also receive a more targeted audience.

This is one aspect that sometimes can be something that needs to be juggled around and tested. If you feel a homepage title is not performing well sometimes a change can be good to see if it has better conversion. Note down the results after change, such as conversion ratio, click throughs etc… See if it is better!

Sometimes it can simply be that your title is so standard to other websites out there a change to a more unique title can have huge effects. If it is a blog you manage then over time you may realise what your overall writing theme is and then choose the perfect title for your site.

One way to look at it is getting some good search engine traffic to your homepage for a more unique title is better than nothing for a common title. However even with this it is also important to have a 100% related title to your overall content. Like i said in the beginning it can be a juggle, like a trial and error situation… I generally like to keep my homepage title no more than 7 words but no less than 5 as well. In the end, choosing the right title for your website is an important element that can do wonders to any online business.

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