Common Mistakes made when new to Affiliate Marketing!

common mistakes made with those new to affiliate marketingIf you are new or are experienced with affiliate marketing there are a number of common mistakes many make when becoming new to the field.

Below are some of these common mistakes newbies can often make with Affiliate Marketing and how to fix them from happening. I will not go into every mistake that can be made however I will go into the most important ones I see still happening today.

1 ) Unrelated Affiliate Ads – This is a biggy, make sure all the ads you use are very related to your blog or website niche. Otherwise you are advertising affiliate programs that are not discussed on your website or blog and the level of conversion will be really low..

2 )  Bad Placement of the Affiliate Ads – Place near the header for optimum conversion results like the 6 second rule I discussed at – Most effective spot for Affiliate Program Ads on a Blog

3 ) No in post related Affiliate Ads – Using related affiliate program banners in a related posts can really create some massive conversion ratios. It makes sense if I am discussing an element about hosting that having a hosting banner on that post should increase conversions, yet many are forgetting this element while posting on there blogs or on there website. This can triple or quadruple your earnings..

4 ) Low Content – If you are referring affiliate programs then create emotion by describing why they inspired you to join in posts or pages. Also being part of the Affiliate Marketing world one must focus on creating lots of related content within and around there niche. This will attract quality readers and search engine traffic which will help find out what you have to offer.. Remember content is king!

5 )  Bad Traffic Levels – This one is important to, remember that without good traffic to your blog who is going to click your affiliate links on your site. A good guide with this one is to only think of implementing affiliate marketing after you have at least over 100 unique visitors a day, until then keep writing posts or pages until you do have that much or more..

6 ) Not using redirects – Using redirects stops people from affiliate link stealing. This is when a person looks over the referral link and changes it to the home page url in the address bar on the browser and so therefore you get no commission. Redirects protect the website owner but not allowing them to see the url of the referring party until clicked.

After that the cookie is already there, so if a sale happens you get it then.. For more information on Affiliate Link Cloaking or using redirects click here.

Above Video – How Affiliate Marketing Works?

If you can think of any other major mistakes for newbies that they can avoid when getting into affiliate marketing, feel free to comment about it below.


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