Confusing Question for New Bloggers – What Is a Trackback?

A trackback is something I think almost all bloggers get confused with when starting out blogging. It got me in the beginning and for a little while there I ignored my confusion and just kept blogging. In this post I wanted to share what a trackback feature is with a blog, how it helps and what to watch out for?

what is a trackback

(Above screenshot is of what a trackback looks like in the comments section of wordpress)

What is a Blog Trackback.. In a Nutshell..?

First of all a trackback is a link back to your blog from a reference link in a post. A common situation is say if another blogger is writing a similar post they may reference you with a link as another place to find some more information on the topic. This element is automatically notified to the blog that is being referenced by the blog platform and a strange comment or link is produced on your blog to say where the link originates. Trackbacks works with WordPress, Typepad and Moveable Type.

How Trackbacks Help your Blog?

This is a simple answer, trackbacks are back links to your blogs, so they help by increasing link popularity and the search engines like this.  In general the more trackbacks to a post means more bloggers link referencing you in related posts on other blogs and more traffic..

What to watch out for with Blog Trackbacks?

Unfortunately trackbacks have become issues with spammers as they are a way of getting a comment link on many blogs. If you use wordpress, they have many guards to work this one out yet still the best method is to check the sites that do it. One of the common trackback scams is doing a post with say around 100 related links on it to other bloggers blogs.

After that they then publish the post and shortly after that the ping is sent to the other bloggers admin as a comment or similar within an hour or so. The scammer then removes the links from the post an hour or so later and “wolla” if all the trackbacks are excepted from the hundred websites that’s one hundred links pointing to their blog.

Even if the links are no follow you can see how it all works and can be abused to increase traffic.

The best way to guard against this is form of spamming is unless you know where the trackback comes from always check the site and only except them days or even a week later after and check again. If you find a trackback scammer then simply mark that trackback comment as spam..

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