Content is King!

If you have not heard this saying “Content is King” before then its okay. What it means is the larger your website is in content the more search engine searches you will create. Basically it means lots of well written related pages for your website. No matter what your website field is if you do not have heaps of content then larger websites will beat you in traffic…

“the more pages, the more search engine visits, the more sales, the more readers… “

This is one of the main reasons blogs do well online is because there is regularly good new content coming in on a regular basis. This means search engines will love this, especially google. One way of looking at it is new content pages is like food to search engines that drives them to send you more and more traffic.

Wait a Second – New Update 9/01/2013 – Content is King and the New Google Updates

Content is still king in a lot of ways, however only in certain circumstances, since google has done a lot of major updates lately such a penguin and panda, nearly all sites even ones of extreme quality such as this site were effected. This was cruel test for many webowners and there traffic especially those that run quality sites such as myself  and many sites losing over half the traffic coming from google.

I do however see a pattern now to this and a solution by looking at sites that were not effected of mine. In fact, some of my quality sites
got a boost. So listen up.

  1. Get traffic from other sources other than search engines. This other traffic is seen by google as a more valuable site so therefore they rank better.
  2. Use social networks however do not go over board as many site owners are lately, social networks are of little value in general and do not  increase much value to a site. Maybe focus of a few and work from there, you do not and i emphasize want to be sending traffic away from your hard made blog or website.
  3. Use optins, build a email list, one of the most important aspects in order to be immune to all google updates. This is the key, then in your newsletter optin send traffic back to your well deserved traffic, by doing so you will increase traffic which will also be seen as another quality trigger to google. By the way, there is nothing more powerful than an optin list so this priority number 1 okay. An autoresponder is a great example.
  4. Make sure to link your content throughout, this was one of my mistakes as well, interlinking, i thought related posts would solve that but turns out links outside content are seen as little value by google, so interlink, a good example of this is wikipedia.
  5. Reduce branding links to your website, so if you are building back links do not do just one keyword, mix it up and do some as “click here” or your main url such as ““.. This is a more natural way of linking which google bot sees as value. A good ratio is around 40% branded, 40% unbranded and 20% just url like above or click here.

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