New Contextual Ads called the Open Targeting Exchange on Adbrite!

Recently released Abrite has come up with a new and improved form of ad system which will improve all Click through rates for publishers so they can earn more money and also improve the ad system on peoples websites. The new ad format is called the “Open Targeting Exchange” which is a contextually based form of ad unit that taps into the whole of Adbrites ad system to find the most related ads for a page on your website.

“Sounds like the Open Targeting Exchange is a Good Adsense Alternative for Publishers…”

How good is it to hear that there is another good way to make money off the Adbrite Ad Network as well as there is more competition for the Google AdSense system (alternative). With the large amount of advertisers in Adbrite it should not be to much trouble for the ad system to find a related ad to suit any page.

For more information on the Open Targeting Exchange or to become an  Adbrite user click here…

new contextual ads from adbrite called the open targeting exchange

A Press Release Quote by Paul Levine from Adbrite wrote:

“OTX is an integrated element of AdBrite’s network, so publishers and
advertisers automatically benefit from competition among targeting
providers. Each time a page is viewed on an AdBrite publisher’s site, OTX
scans multiple eligible targeting algorithms to determine the most relevant
and valuable advertisement for the given site, user, and geography.”


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