Create More Traffic with Link Referencing Swaps!

link referencing swaps Do you want more website visitors or traffic? One solution is with link referencing swaps. When I am referring to a link referencing exchange I am referring to a link in a post or a content page to another related website. Why would you want to link reference swap you may ask? Simply put, it creates lots and lots of traffic for no extra effort. Basically how it works is you share traffic with another website or blog owner by link referencing with them in future related posts or content pages.

Many top bloggers or website owners do this technique, as it can generate massive levels of traffic. Just make sure those you do it with are websites of high quality for exchange and RELATED to your own website.

How to do a Link Reference Swap?

How to do a link reference swap is not that complex, in particular if you run your own blog. Simply email or contact 5 related blog owners in your niche and ask them politely if they would be interested in link referencing exchanges in some future posts? Explain to them how it works and If they agree then in future make a day for both doing or email each other when a link has been referenced. In a way it is very similar to link exchanges but has many more benefits, one is it is a lot more biased (quality), you are only doing with a small group and lastly you all have a common goal of sharing quality traffic.

Link Referencing Swap Steps.

1. ) Find 5 good Related Blogs or content based Websites – Make sure they are of high quality and match your sites demographic, that way you will both benefit.

2. ) Email and ask if they would be interested in a link reference swap in future pages or posts?

3. ) If yes, set a day between you, (for example Monday) for a reference swap or any routine you both may like.

4. ) When writing a post in reference, include a link in the content to your link reference partner.

5. ) Monitor traffic responses from link referencing and I am sure you will both see the benefits in time.

Overall link referencing is an old school form of generating traffic, it takes time and can be frustrating at times, however once you find a good team of reference partners it is really worth it.. Enjoy!


  1. I’m actually looking at this option, trading blog posts. But i was in doubt. Now that you mentioned it to be a good way to promote my blog, I’d definitely do it with my blogging friends.

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