Creating Other Avenues of Income around your Blog!

Like I have mentioned in many of my previous posts, we should not rely totally on one website or one affiliate program for earning online, the same goes for Blogging.. Focus on many other ways of income around your blog and then multiple streams of income will begin.. A perfect example of this is having an Ecommerce site directly off your blog..

Here is some ideas to work with when creating More Avenues of Income Online from around your Blog –

Ecommerce – Run a store from your blog, selling related items directly through a manufacturer..
Directory – If run right and the directory gets plenty of traffic you can draw extra earnings through links.
Ebook Selling – Here is a good one, you can either offer a ebook for free or sell directly or even run your own affiliate program directly for your ebook. This can generate traffic as well as income..

As you can see, with these three all will compensate each other to earn money online as well as compensate the main focus, your blog.. This allows multiple income from almost all avenues of income other than just monetizing your blog.. Now that is what I call, not putting all your website aspects in one basket..

While you could create a separate website url for each service you can see how the method above can save you a lot of time, in drawing back links to each separate aspect..

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