Is CUIL Search Engine Cool?

cuil search engineHmmm… I didn’t accidentally just land on this new search engine on the block… Instead I was inquired to write about it.

Is Cuil Cool…?

First of all the Cuil Search Engine is quite impressive, the nice slick black background goes well with the theme. I tried doing a number of searches using the Cuil search engine and it is a lot different to other search engines. What it does is display pictures next to the listing results which sometimes don’t fully relate to the website.

If you search on Google or Yahoo the results are similar to Cuil results for keywords, except i find Cuil has more spam looking websites in the listings. The related search feature is good though i have to admit.

Do I think Cuil is better than Google or Yahoo?

In my opinion the answer to that question is no, i don’t believe there results are as quality as Google or Yahoo. What i noticed is that the way there algorithm works for ranking websites is similar to how the search engines such as Yahoo and Msn used to be before spam websites took over the search results. Judging by looking at a lot of keyword results they seem to display good and bad results (good or bad websites).

It was good to see my blog rank well for a lot of good keywords such as buyers web, and make money online ramblings, timon weller and many more…

Another factor i noticed is it is good to see a search engine that doesn’t rank on popularity … About them having indexed 121,617,892,992 web pages more than any other search engine, well that’s an impressive number, whether this is better or not to index so many that is the question…?

I think a lot of the algorithm changes the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo did over time, were changes to include more quality websites. Maybe Cuil will go through some of the many issues that the other search engines have go through over time, like spam results, etc. In time we will see…

Overall they seem to be a unique and catchy search engine… So, now your turn to have your say… Is CUIL Search Engine cool? Let me know what you think of Cuil…?



  1. Update – This search engine went down and never recovered. That was unfortunate, over the years it is true though many, many websites come and go, you may not know this but the average success rate on line even for a blogger is only less than 10%.

    Not much considering. This means so many sites no matter who they are come and go..

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