7 Days to Understanding the Psychology Of A Successful Blogger

Hey All, Timon Weller here from Buyers Web..

I am just about to go over a massive topic, in fact it is one of the biggest online topics online because making money from a blog can be difficult, however by understanding what makes a successful blog or blogger then you too can have a very successful blog..

This topic I will break up into 7 parts or as the title suggests 7 days of reading and action as it is massive..

First of all, if you are new to psychology, then let me break it up to you really quick what it means, it is basically put the understanding of how other humans think.. So why is this important you may ask, well because when we are running a blog or website by understanding how others think we can thus better communicate with our readers plus get more readership and then have a better blog.

Day 1 – The Common Flaws – Picking the Right Niche

On this day I will go over the flaws of fellow bloggers or website owners first, if you fall into this category do not stress, about 95% of all website owners do so if you follow this 7 day process I will show you quickly how to improve and get more action on your website. And I myself know this works because I use it on multiple sites to get signups for emails, get readers attention and also to help improve relationships with my readers.

The common mistake of all bloggers is this, they create a blog about something that others are doing as well and they seem to follow the crowd. This is the biggest mistake for all bloggers or website internet marketing for pyschologistsowners because if you go into a competitive niche then others are going to see you as similar to other blogs in that niche.

Dominate Your Unique Space

However if you find a unique foothold in that niche that is different, then well, you will find traffic finding you based on the fact you are different. This is one reason why a blogger should never build a Make Money Online Blog. I know from experience, I run 6 other successful blogs and this one is the most difficult to pull traffic, why, because most sites in this niche are similar, so psychology tells people we are much the same as so and so and that type of thinking makes people ignore your content no matter how good it is. This does not mean if you own a Make Money Online site that you will fail, just that you have odds against you to begin with. You will need to do something considerably different to make people notice you as well.

So, that is the basis of day 1, finding a good unique niche, maybe look at a passion of yours and narrow it down and even tailor to it specifically.

I want you to do this for me, write down your ideas in the comments below, a topic you know lots about, then I want you to do a search on it in Google. Do many sites come up, if so, how many? If little what you can now do is another factor, see what competition is on the first page of Google  are they taking advantage of this spot and can you see a website you own dominating it by your ideas and concepts. Can you be a better writer in this niche by your passion alone..? If so, then let’s get started by writing down your ideas.

keyword persian cat

Below I will give some examples ( do not use, examples only ) :

Say you loved Cats and you wanted to do a blog on Cats, how many other sites would be the same, millions yeah and I am sure many are very competitive. Now if one focused on a particular cat of choice such as a Persian cat one could fully specialize in that area. You would thus stand out more in that niche, in fact you could still write about cats in general, while also dominating the Persian cat niche, why, well because the competition is nearly zero. These are not real numbers, this is an example remember, you will need to write down your numbers yourself.

So What Is A Good Competition Number in Google?

Google is a great guide for this because they rank the web quite well, what numbers I look at to find a unique niche is when under 150,000 people are showing for that unique topic, plus also when you put that unique topic in quotations even less appears like say under 50,000. Then you have found a great niche to dominate.

examples of narrowing down niche

Image above shows some examples of narrowing..

I would highly recommend looking at keyword research ideas here as well.

And now hopefully you can see why Psychology works here, when people come to your site that are also Persian cat lovers, they are more susceptible to your influence. Thus people will add themselves to your email list, bookmark pages, share in the social networks plus well often link to you because why? Because you are different..

Then it comes back to the source of the matter, what is success, success online can be summed up in day one as understanding what unique field you are passionate about and dominating by narrowing down that search to what others are looking for and also standing out because you have separated yourself from the overall niche.

Let me know your thoughts? Watch out for day 2, add your name and email below to be updated when it is available.


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