Deal of the Day your way to Money

deal of the day your way to moneyDo you see the new DealDotcom widget I added to my sidebar. First of all I have to say this is one of the best affiliate programs I have seen in a while. Not only can you make money from selling the deals from there site, but you can make money by referring members to this program. The deals are a lot lower priced at Dealdotcom, so you can make money form discounted products. If you are interested in getting a good discounted product look at Dealdotcom’s latest promoted products.

“highly targeted daily deals for any web owner out there”

How the Dealdotcom affiliate program works is you promote there latest daily deal for a commission. You simply place there code on your blog and then when someone purchases or joins Dealdotcom through your link you earn commission on there purchases.

Dealdotcom is a two tiered Affiliate program which means you earn money from the people that sign up through you to selling the daily deal as well as the people that sign up through them. Dealdotcom is a highly recommended way of generating a residual income from your webite. After implementing the code on my blog i received over 20 visits (good ROI) in the first hour… They are a very high converting program.

I want to sell Dealdotcom on my Website… how do I?

If you wish to be part of the program you can sign up to Dealdotcom by clicking here. Also as a bonus I will do a free promotion of new members that sign up through me as a way of saying thankyou (more details on this in a future post, until then sign up through me to recieve this offer). Helping you make money from your blog… What a bonus hey… Once an Affiliate member there are plugins or scripts you can use for your blog to see and promote the daily deal.

Like the look of the plugin on my website (seen in sidebar)? Well if you use wordpress you can install the plugin by downloading, unzipping and adding to your plugin folder. To download or details visit here. A screenshot of how to set up the widget once you have activated the plugin is below. Afterwards just add the widget to where you want in the sidebar in widgets.

dealdotcom deal of the day affiliate program

Overall Dealdotcom is a great extra way to monetize your blog. Why not join up, add them to your blog now and start making money from the daily deals as well…?

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