Define Blogging – How does a Blog Writer define Blogging?

The best way to define the word blogging is to look at the word first. Blog is a shortened version of the word web log. Web log meaning to log a journal or writing on the Internet. So for the definition of the word Blogging it would mean to do journals or to write online. It’s a doing word, if you say you are Blogging then you are writing online.

How do i Define Blogging as a Blog Writer?

Well we have looked at the official meaning, how do i define the meaning of Blogging being a Blog Writer? My definition of Blogging is to write online creating regular posts through a medium such as WordPress or Blogger script.

Blogging to me is like writing a book, if your book is small then it is more like a website. To me a blog is book length at least and is updated constantly. It’s like an online writers base for expressing themselves. Some people love to write, and i believe a true blogger does blogging to write.

So why did i define Blogging in this Post?

define bloggingI defined the word Blogging in this post because it is a word that is commonly used on this blog and i wanted to make it clear to anyone who was uncertain as to it’s full meaning. Personally myself other than trying to help people online learn about how to make money, i love to write and that is the main reason i Blog.

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