Defining Super Affiliate

Even though many people can just whack up a website and put a few Affiliate banners on there website related to there theme, what really makes them different from other Affiliate Marketers…? What makes a true Super Affiliate and what is the definition of this stature… First of all let’s define Super Affiliate..?

Defining Super Affiliate

Different people have different views on this stature as defined by how much money they make however i have a different point of view. I personally think anyone that derives an income of over $30 US a day in affiliate sales has qualified for this stature. This is an income of around $1000 US a month..

I know it seems low however what makes it significant is now they can survive on the Internet income alone, does n’t that make it very significant. Not relying on your boss or salary to survive alone… You alone are now bringing in $1000 US a month from online sales alone, that sounds super to me… Over time it will grow and grow however this is a good beginning and the starting stature of a super affiliate.

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