Designing an Oscommerce based Website – Step 1

When starting to sell products online their are a number of ways to do it. Some people choose to sell on eBay while others choosing a selling platform like or The best way to sell online i believe is through using a shopping cart script such as Oscommerce. This is my favorite as it has a number of benefits, first of all it is free and is based on php, which means it can be enhanced or changed by adding other scripts to it.

To Begin With…. Buy or Purchase Oscommerce Ready Web Hosting and Domain Name – Step 1

This can be purchased from a number of good hosting providers. One i recommend in particular is Duoservers which can be purchased by clicking here.

Some screenshot examples below of Oscommerce based websites i run or have designed in the Past..

designing an oscommerce based website

( above)

 making an oscommerce based website

( above)

 creating an oscommerce website step 1

( above)

In step two i will describe how to enhance the oscommerce standard script with a template and in step three i will discuss how to enhance the script to make it more profitable. To keep in touch with tips such at this why not subscribe via email to Buyers Web to keep up to date on money making online…

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