Do you like Website Pop Ups?

Oh far out, website pop ups drive me crazy hey.. So many website owners use them and I just had to say my concern. Surely they lose website visitors who cannot stand them more than I do.

I know they may gather people more website email subscribers or RSS readers or whatever offer they want to bombard people with, however I don’t know about you but I am pretty quick draw on clicking away if ever one pops up. It is just like a knee jerk reaction I guess. “Oh, not another website pop up..” Click..Go..

What gets me thinking is if those that do sign up to these pop up newsletters, do they continue to annoy the reader or visitor after this? I am sure they do as they pop up each time I return to visit these sites. “Oh heck, I already signed up, can this stop popping up each time I visit.. Okay, okay, I am leaving..”

It feels like this though, don’t you agree ?

Not only do Website Pop ups drive me crazy, but I am sure I am not the only one that has been effected by there annoyance. If you are annoyed by them vote above or comment your thoughts below. Maybe If I get enough good votes some people may stop using them, who knows..?

What is a Website Pop Up?

If you are totally unsure of what a website Pop Up is, it is when a small box pops up just after a website load. It usually will offer you a special offer or a newsletter subscription or sometimes even both. Webmasters use them generally to bombard visitors with this in the face marketing tactic to get more views and increase conversion of an offer.


  1. I don’t like them at all

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