Do you only Search the First Page of Search Engine Results?

are you a first page search engine only results userWhen searching online using the major search engines, which one are you..? Do you search only the first four listings in a search engine results page or do you search the whole page, or do you search more onto the second page of results or even onto the third page or fourth.

By statistics most people never get off the first page when searching on a keyword. They look just there and that’s it.. What does this mean to you, well it means if your website is not on the first page for search results then most of the time you are not going to be found for that keyword.

Upsetting news sometimes hey… Not just that but most people only open the first four results for a keyword search. Damn if your number five for that keyword…. Don’t distress you will still get searches… The most interesting thing about it is most would assume number one gets the most searches however people do look at the title as well. Even though you may be at number one position, number two position may get more searches due to there targeted title…

Next time you do a search in say Google or Yahoo think about what websites you choose to browse for the keyword result…

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