Do you want more Affiliate Signups..?

do you want more afiliate signupsWith Affiliate programs there are two different types of programs. Ones that only give direct sales that you create from your website directly. The other is the one tier or higher Affiliate programs where you generate money from affiliate people you refer when they get a sale (as well as direct sales).

The benefits of tiered affiliate programs is you can create a good residual income just from just referring people to the programs. In a way like you being a team leader in a sales company but where your main only job is to refer a sales team.

Now that i have broken down the two types your probably thinking tier is the way to go and how exciting is it that you can also be making money both ways.. Okay so now that your here, how do you get more affiliate signups…?

The main reason some affiliate marketers are more successful than others is because they understand how to build the team and create excitement. If i said to you as a blog owner or website owner, join up to dealdotcom and promote it on your website and as a reward or incentive i will place some sales members (affiliates) under you. Would you be interested…? Working with someone above you in the affiliate ladder that is experienced in affiliate marketing. It’s a no brainer really…

So you might now ask what happens now that I have joined up to dealdotcom and a few members have been placed under you all promoting like you from there website or blog and if they get sales you get a commission…? All of a sudden you have created excitement and excitement creates action. All your affiliates are seeing the potential here now.

So now that you have a few affiliates what do you do now? What you do now is you promote helping affiliates as well and as a team leader communicate via email same as you were introduced. Promote it in different ways, write a blog post on it, submit articles on the helping affiliates earning.

“By helping others you are helping yourself… – Affiliate Marketer, Timon Weller”

In truth the main reason most people don’t join affiliate programs is because they don’t see the potential and don’t know how to market it. If it is looked more like forming a good marketing team then the money derived from affiliate sales can be massive. Basically by helping people make money is helping you make money.

After your three have three affiliates each and you can see your 12 affiliate members you now will have the potential and drive to build your team further and you can see how having a 100 affiliate sales people underneath you is a very possible number now whereas before without the help it looked like an illusion.

With alot of affiliate programs this can have the potential to create large affiliate sales commissions. Just look at the potential of a small 100 x $5.00 commission a month.

That’s $500 per month one affiliate program and if set up right it will keep growing to have the potential of say 500 affiliate members and then well that’s a good extra income even if you are getting small commissions from each… Focus on the people by helping them that you refer and you will get more signups and money.

An example of a good way to introduce new members is by keeping in contact via email and offering your help if needed. Promote the program for them to get them interested and going and you will see better results. Most of the time you will get an email from them back saying thank you for helping and they are now passionate to help others get started as well…


  1. Make Online Money says

    do affiliate programs make good money ?
    At the moment i only trust Adsense.
    Maybe i’m interested with affiliate in future ^^

  2. Timon Weller says

    Adsense is an Affiliate program. There are plenty of good affiliate programs out there like the ones on this blog and yes they make really good money, especially the 2 tiered or higher programs. That way you get a commision from earnings of people you refer to the affiliate program as well…

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