Does Digg Think Everything is a Duplicate Story…?

I have been using Digg for a while now and after submitting many website pages, i have noticed Digg always sees any website submitted as a duplicate. Totally unique story name titles and content, that no other website has still come up as possible duplicate…

does digg think everything is a duplicate story?

Just before you you submit to Digg this warning as seen above comes up as –

Submit a New Story – Are You Sure It’s Not a Duplicate?

At first when using Digg I thought maybe someone has already submitted this story and after checking it was not there…Hmmm so click yes it is not a duplicate…Submit… It was a confusing warning at first and I wonder if sometimes it increases the chance of duplicate stories being submitted more because it is ignored by regular submitters.

Either way Digg is one of the best social media networks out there for sharing quality websites. This warning just got me thinking…

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