Don’t let Negative feedback get you down when Blogging

We have all had it in some way or another in life, the negative remarks from people. It might be at work, it might of been at school, it might of been anywhere. When Blogging or writing people will criticize your work just like anything else where you put yourself out there, your always open to a small amount of negative feedback.

I get a small amount every now and then, but it doesn’t effect me because of the way i look at it. As an example look at any writer or actor, do you like them all? The common answer is you like some more and others less. And so when actors or writers get criticized negatively isn’t it from people who opening criticize in general?

“I’m sorry but negative comments is part of life…. “

When first starting out Blogging or writing online i have noticed some people get overly effected by negative comments about there writing and this can be a burden on them starting out. Let me list some quick reasoning to negative feedback or comments and why not to let them effect you when writing your Blog:

  • The person has gone to the effort of writing you a comment even if it is negative so it indicates some indirect interest
  • As your Blog or website gets well known online people get jealous in a way so it’s not really an attack on you, an example of this is John Chow (Online Blogger) receives lots of negative comments all the time, but his good comments far out weigh that number
  • Any type of fame whether it is blogging, writing, acting is always going to be open to criticism
  • An important one, learn from the negative feedback or comment. If it says you didn’t explain something properly then listen, yes they could of said it nicely but still this gives you the opportunity to improve your writing as well..
  • If you get a lot of negative feedback it can mean your Blog is getting a lot more exposure.
  • Last one, if you only get one negative comment in like 100 comments then really does it matter. It makes the nasty comment look silly for the commenter.

In the end writing is always going to be a learning experience for anyone, even the top writers in the world are open to negative criticism. Best to not let it get you down.

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