Don’t Put all your Affiliate Programs in the One Basket

When choosing your affiliate programs it is always best to use more than one, this way you can then decide which ones work best on your website and which ones do not seem to work at all.. Too many times I see people putting all their affiliate effort into one basket and if say for some reason the affiliate program ends or something unfortunate happens you may have lost lots of income..

One perfect example of this is with AdSense or Bidvertiser. These are both great ppc affiliate programs that earn money yet will neither perform singularly as a great income source unless you have massive levels of traffic (2000 to 3000 or more visitors a day or more). If say you do not have massive levels of traffic, it does not mean that they are not worth it, it just means that they are part of your income. In fact if you had massive levels of traffic then using one affiliate program means you are missing out on possibly thousands of extra dollars..

Using Only One Affiliate Program Means Less Earnings and More Risk..!

I always recommend to start with 5 affiliate programs that relate to your niche, one of which could be ppc, another that could be pay per sale and maybe some pay per leads as well.. That way even if you are only earning 50 to 60 dollars per affiliate program per month then at least you are making 300 dollars a month rather than 60 dollars only..

In worst case scenarios, more unfortunate situations can happen between you and the affiliate program where they either ban you or try to say your earnings are not real. This unfortunately happens in the affiliate marketplace and so working out good programs is essential while developing an income.. By not putting all your affiliate programs in the one basket it can at least mean you have back ups for your income source..

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