Don’t Waste your Time with PPC Marketing..?

Are you earning money from your PPC publisher campaigns..? Maybe you are an AdSense, Adbrite or Bidvertiser promoter or similar..?Whatever you use now that it is the new year you need to ask yourself is it working or making money on your website..? If it is, that is great, however for many the marketing of PPC’s is waste of time and I will tell you why..?

Are you getting enough Web Traffic for PPC..?

First of all are you are getting enough traffic to make money from PPC’s…? If you are not getting more than 500 good unique visitors a day then it is a waste of time… Trust me, I have been there myself…

Is it Same, Same but different..? – Making your website more Unique for PPC..

Second element to look at is your content the same as many others, is it Same, same, but different so to speak..? If your content is not unique then PPC marketing is going to be low as well.. When blogging or writing web pages try to focus on unique content for whatever field you discuss…

Not so many PPC Ads Okay… Less is Better!

I know to some people, you may love the look of PPC ads such as AdSense or Bidvertiser or similar, however many do not.. Some web visitors are so blinded by the same Adsense or PPC look that even if you put them in prominent positions they will not receive clicks.. This is where the only solution available is blending, making the ads look at much a part of your website as possible…

PPC Marketing has it’s Place as a Money Maker!

Overall PPC marketing has it’s place, this post is not to discourage it as a online money maker.. The point of what i am trying to say is in PPC marketing, unless these conditions above are used you are most likely wasting precious time and advertising space on your website. Try instead changing to related affiliate marketing, ROI is much higher for low visitor websites. Then once you are receiving more than 500 good unique visitors a day, maybe consider putting them back in a spot on your website, until then do not waste your time.. I mean even at 500 unique visitors a day your looking at 2 to 3 clicks a day which in PPC money is at most a couple of dollars..


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    Another good post
    As an Adwords Professional I have also found from experience that alliteration can work really well and usually pushes the CTR up by about another 1.5% to 3% eg. ‘Great Golf Gear’, better than ‘Top Golf Equipment’

  2. Yeah i agree that can help heaps with adwords campaighns..

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