Drag and Drop Plugin from Elegant Themes

Looking for a way to turn any wordpress page or post into any form of page, ranging from sales pages, to optin pages, to you name it? Well, Elegant Themes has the answer once again with this new addition to there theme collection called the Drag and Drop Plugin. This allows the owner of a wordpress site to simply turn any page or post into however you want with minutes..

Excellent for those trying to create leads pages or sales pages or anything you like and the best thing of all is it can be used on any wordpress blog theme.

drag and drop plugin for wordpress

An Example of How to Use the Plugin Builder can be seen in the Video Below

Features Overview –

  1. Drag and Drop Quickly
  2. Can be used on any WordPress theme
  3. Easily change later anytime within minutes
  4. Affordable price

Want to know more, well Elegant Themes is a large provider of quality themes for WordPress, pretty much the top of all theme providers online and best of all you have to do is pay a small once off fee and you have access to all there themes. Sounds good yeah, well now even better with this plugin.

For more on the plugin and there themes.


  1. I am a developer of websites and this plugin has helped me heaps. Now i can get all my work done at the one place.

  2. I just starting using it for video sales pages and it works great, especially considering this can take so much time. Elegant themes has done it again and saved me more time. Definitely a bargain as well. Are you using it yet Timon?

    • I am not using it as yet, but have done lots of testing, that is why i am reviewing it. I am planning on using it in the coming weeks, try some sales pages myself. So far all the testing i have done on it is super easy which is the main benefit.

  3. Elegant themes is always such a good provider of quality themes. Now with this addition i am very happy.

  4. I’ve noticed that Youtube videos have gone black on blogs. I don’t know if this is just a problem with my software or if this is universal. Do you think Youtube/Google is messing around with WordPress?

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