Dreaming about holidays in Thailand…

khaosan area thailand bangkok7 months ago i got back from my South East Asia trip and today i could not help but think of my trip over there…If you have not been to Thailand or South East Asia this should be your next trip.. Not only the natural beauty of the landscape, the people also in South East Asia are such friendly people…

Today i was day dreaming about Thailand and was thinking about my next trip overseas.. I was thinking what i would like to do is go back to Thailand and from there maybe skip over to Philippines as well…

The long duration trips such as Thailand and South East Asia would not be possible without making money online for me as i travel…All i need to do is pack my small bag with some basic essentials including my laptop and off i go…


Some cool Information about Thailand –

  • Swadi ka is hello
  • The many beautiful temples that are around Thailand
  • Beaches around Phuket
  • The beautiful jungle and rivers in the north..
  • The elephant temples in Northern Thailand
  • 30 Baht averagely is one dollar Australian
  • The Culture
  • Long Interesting History
  • Average meal 20 – 40 Baht
  • Average nice room in Thailand 7 – 15 AUD which is 200 to 500 Baht…Don’t believe the holiday packages on tv, rooms are not expensive in Thailand…

Here are some pics of Thailand from my Last Trip..


grand palace bangkok

Grand Palace, Bangkok

reclining buddha bangkok

Reclining Buddha, Bangkok

phi phi ko island thailand

Phi Phi Ko Island, Southern Thailand

kata beach phuket

Kata Beach, Phuket

waterfall in northern thailand

Vachiratharn Waterfall, near Chang Mai


me back relaxing

Me back in the hotel room relaxing in Chang Mai watching cable… 200 Baht a night this room ( 6 – 7 dollars a night)

Are you tempted to go to Thailand now, well seeing these photos i makes me miss the place…I have so many photos of Thailand but i thought i would show the ones that are of the country mainly…If you ever decide to go to Thailand, enjoy…It’s a lovely country…

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