Ebay marketing vs Website marketing…

“The monster company ebay winding its way through the web world as a leading auction site…”

I want to tell you about my experience with ebay has been on and off and the main reason i use ebay is for beginning exposure to your products and site…with return on investment ebay fees are not good for selling items cheap…in my experience they are not a quick way to make money like they promote…yes some people on ebay may make alot of money but in general the cost of selling on ebay is not the best roi for your business…

As time progressed with me using ebay i found they got more and expensive too…it got to the point that it would cost more than a dollar to list a item that may not even sell…well ebay’s making alot of money I’m sure…lol…

Benefits of using ebay with your business –

  • Extra beginning exposure to website or product line
  • Quick sales

Negatives of using ebay –

  • Expensive
  • Forced to sell cheap products to create sales
  • Time consuming compared to maintaining a website
  • Customers on ebay are more fickle, like expect a good bargain

Tricks on using ebay selling –

  • Add your fees to postage, you will notice all top sellers do
  • Really upsell your product whether it is quality or not
  • Don’t worry about complaining customers too much its part of business, just reply politely and friendly…

Overall ebay is another form of exposure for your products online but its good to remember its not the only one….

When selling online on your own website its more once you have the traffic it looks after itself, in comparison to ebay, ebay is like instant coffee and a website is like real coffee…you can hold a real coffee and once its created it lasts alot longer…the marketing and promoting of a real site can take alot of time I’m sure…but the end result looks after itself…and the roi is great…

Benefits of own site –

  • once setup runs itself, only maintenance required and putting orders through
  • one small hosting and one domain name fee
  • being the one that created its traffic
  • you have control over your own site and how it runs

Negatives of own website –

  • Hmmm… can take a long time to get off the ground and traffic
  • may not ever take off as selling well the product line online as in all business
  • no other negatives lol…

So in the battle between the two forms of marketing they can both be used with each other or they can be used singular that’s up to you…they both have there negatives and positives online…you decide…

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