Essential Things to know when Travelling to Thailand

It is official, I have my ticket… I will be travelling from Melbourne in Australia to Thailand in July. After purchasing a ticket there was a few things i had to find out before travelling there that i thought anyone going there might be interested to know. I believe these would be the most common questions asked for anyone travelling there form Australia, Europe or US.

If you are travelling from Australia to Thailand do you need a Visa?

As long as you have a Plane ticket out for within 30 thirty days they issue a visa free period of 30 days. This plane ticket could even be for a neighbouring country such as Vietnam, Malaysia, or Cambodia. Thailand allows you to leave there country twice and return twice in 6 months. This means you can be there for 3 months of the 6 months as long as you go to the border before the end of the 30 days and move your plane ticket forward each time. To get a bus to the border and back in most places will cost less than 800 Baht (25 AUD).

So is a one way out from Thailand to a neighbouring country fine?

Yes, as long as you show you are leaving within thirty days it is fine.

On my way home later on i will be passing through Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia… You may ask do you need a plane ticket out from there or a visa?

No Malaysia will issue three months visa free and no plane ticket out is needed on arrival.
This one surprised me but will save a good amount of money as it is only around 2400 baht to fly from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. A low ticket price generally means a low changing flight date price. The only reason for changing flights dates however is to border run to stay an extra 30 days. And yes if you are coming straight back in to Thailand your flight needs to say within 30 days again. If however you are coming back in from a neighbouring country into Thailand they will stamp your passport and give you another 30 days on entry.

Is it cheaper for a Australian to buy one way there and one way back..?

Yes i have recently learnt this one.. By purchasing your tickets online you can fly back for nearly half the price to Australia one way separately from Bangkok to say Brisbane or anywhere in Australia. Thailand has less surcharges and also because you are paying in Baht it’s a bonus. That way it still is a return ticket within thirty days but instead the return one is by another airline and is paid in Baht.

Do you need to pack much when travelling to Thailand?

I’m a light traveller in general, my laptop and a few spare clothes in one backpack, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. In Thailand and in Bangkok you will have no trouble finding and buying more clothes if need be. My motto is travel light. I usually only carry around 7 kgs max.

Is Wi-Fi Internet access hard to find in Thailand?

Wireless Internet is everywhere. No issue there. Throughout Thailand as in most south east Asian countries wireless Internet is not hard to find. For me this was a crucial question, you can easily take your laptop to a wireless cafe or hotel (guesthouse) that has wireless as well. So if you run an online business no worries there. Relax…

Do i need to tell the banks about going to Thailand?

Yes i would recommend telling the banks you are with before hand as it can send an alert off to the bank on use in another country. If however you tell them all will be good. If your not sure how long you will be in south east Asia for or Thailand then it is best to tell them you will let them know when you come back that you are back in Australia.

Are ATMs everywhere in Thailand?

Yes most places have an ATM nearby that you can use your Australian ATM card from back home. Just make sure your ATM card has Cirrus and Maestro on it. MasterCard and Visa are excepted in a lot of places too..

Is there anything else i should know?

I have found these are the most important questions to ask before travelling to Thailand. Thailand is a beautiful country, enjoy your time there!


  1. William Chow says

    A very important point to remember is that, there may be a requirement that your passport have to have at least 6 months left on it before it expires or they can send you back on the flight!!! Not to be taken lightly.

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