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Have you ever heard of Forex before? If so, you may or may not know already know that it is the biggest online market in the world. The biggest.. Not only that, but it is also is one of the most lucrative markets and investments as well. Now what if trading could be easier? What if there was less risks and more confident gains?

With a growing online company called Etoro those many beginner trading risks are being reduced and in a big way.

What is Etoro?

(Etoro – Introduction Video to Using the Forex Trading Platform)

In a nutshell, Etoro is the biggest online Forex provider in the world with the largest amount of users as well. They provide easy online Forex access in nearly all countries and provide easy to use systems in which to learn to trade and which to start to trade as well. Like all traders know when it comes to trading in Forex without know how it is a bit like trading in the dark. What makes Etoro unique is it changes that by providing one of the largest social networks built into the Forex platform as well, that way you can share ideas on what to buy, what to sell and when with real potential traders, and not only that you can also see there performance in real time as well. They call this the Openbook and it is a feature of Etoro that really makes forex a hell of a lot easier.

Etoro – Openbook Trading Platform Makes Trading Easier

The openbook feature within Etoro allows a Etoro member to communicate with online traders that are making big money and i mean big money like say over 10,000 a day from trading and you can openly see what they are trading and can openly see there performance and success rate in trading and it is updated live to give real results. No tricks, just real information that can really help a trader. Especially for a new trader to the market as well.

Build More Confidence with Copy Trader

By using the feature in openbook a member of Etoro which is free by the way can simply copy a trader automatically with the push of the button. Or if you like a traders performance simply select copy and then the next trade they do your trade will be the same. This feature is good as it shows in real time how a good trader does it and you can also copy on a already successful traders performance as well. This feature alone by itself is so unique and is partly what makes Etoro so much easier to use in comparison to so many other online trading platforms out there.

Benefits of The Platformetoro-bonus

  • Copy a Professional Trader in Forex
  • See Everyone’s live Performance – This is like legal insider trading
  • Sign up free
  • Easy Setup
  • Social aspect gives real confidence
  • Easy payment system for deposit and withdrawal – PayPal, bank deposit, Neteller, Credit Card are all excepted to name a few.
  • Free Trading Account to begin to learn how to Trade in a real environment.

( A bit more on Copy Trader and Etoro )

Step by Step Forex Trading Platform

Etoro really hits this on the head, they provide easy to see and easy to use step by step process to starting up with the Forex market. To anyone that is new Forex can really be a daunting place where money can be made and money can be lost. In fact without the right understanding Forex can even appear to some people like gambling. While this changes in time with knowledge and understanding of pattern analysis to many that begin in Forex a graph is simply a graph. That is what drew me partly to Etoro, I could practice away for free and build confidence then quickly jump to a real account with guidance from the top traders and make some easy quick trades that made me profit. While there is always a chance of loss, by following the system and learning how to read patterns in Forex one can profit more than lose which is what makes a professional trader in a nutshell.

So if you are looking for a way to trade online, but have been putting it off, Etoro is probably one of the best places to trade in a free demo account, build confidence, talk with other real online traders and get a step in on the market without having to feel the pressure of feeling alone and vulnerable.

My Thoughts on Etoro

I give Etoro a good thumbs up overall as a great learning tool to Forex especially for those wanting to learn how it works. I myself, have been using them for a while now, while not all trades are in profit, I seem to have a good 70% t0 80% performance rate and I owe all those results to discussing with top performing online traders and spending a few weeks and months reading on how to do it similar to the way they do as well.

If you are interested in Forex as well, then why not jump on over to the Etoro website now for more details on how to learn. It may even change your life.

( Braveheart analogy of Etoro and its easy forex trading platform – Openbook)

Risks Of Trading Forex

Like any form of investment, trading is no different, there are potential risks and losses as well as profits that can happen. This is something anyone new to the system or Forex needs to be aware of and prepare for when trading in general, however by learning the ways to do it properly like anything and excepting those risks in time it has the potential for great gains and benefits as well.


  1. my etoro profile
    Quick update on Etoro for everyone using them, just be sure to copy people that have high success rate as well as high gain, that way you will gain the best in time..

    An Example Below..

    low risk high gain Forex traders in Etoro
    If you choose not to follow the low risk high gain traders, then be ready for some occasional big losses. These losses can be painful.

    By some of the gainers above you can see that from a small investment in them you would have done very well over the complete year.. Santoshitiwari as an example had an overall return gain of 160% over a complete year, meaning that if you invested $1000 dollars in her, then you would of expected around 1600 return making your capital account up to $2600 total by the end of the year. And to think all you did was copy a percentage of your account to her trades, she actually does all the real trading of opening and closing the trades. This is a win win from a professional trader.

    To sign up for a free demo or real account at Etoro.

  2. Very profitable if done right, last week i was copying a trader from Australia that had over 200 successful trades in a row, no losses at all.

    That was impressive, even when i only copied them with $20 dollars it made me around $20 return in one week so i actually doubled that investment of that copy in one week..

    $20 dollars to $40 basically put..

  3. Payment Proofs From Etoro

    As requested for those of you looking for some payment proofs from Etoro, I decided to should share the video below which shows 5 legit payments in a row from there system.

    All of which above are for Paypal, however they have many choices for withdrawal this is just one i like.


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