Etoro – Forex Openbook and Pulp Fiction

With the new Etoro Openbook platform there have been many analogies of the program in comparison to famous movies across the years. The below video is a video analogy of Pulp Fiction and of the new Openbook Etoro social feature that is taking a totally new slant on the way Forex has been played.

( Etoro Forex Openbook and Pulp Fiction Analogy )

For those unaware of what Etoro is, they provide a unique form of Forex trading by mixing a social aspect to it. By doing so, not only can you do normal Forex trading but you can also copy other professional traders to make money, communicate with other professional traders and see exactly what anyone in the network is buying, selling or ordering. By this feature alone new traders can see what is best to trade which in turn provides less risk to a new market that they have never traded in before.

To learn more on the possibilities of Forex Trading with Etoro then jump over and read my larger more comprehensive review on the program and its features.


  1. I didnt really liked etoro very much. The webtrader platform is buggy and the lack of stats about perfomance of traders is a minus , i prefer to copy traders from zulutrade.

    • Hey Mark,
      Etoro has improved a great deal over the last few months and the issues you are talking about have been addressed. The stats are very detailed now on every trader so choosing a good one to copy is very easy. One example of a good trader is Forexgain which has had over 1700% gain over last month on his account. Below is a screenshot to show what i mean..

      etoro copy forex gain
      Impressive gain and a very good trader.

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