Explain Blogging – How to Really Explain Blogging?

When i first started blogging the whole idea was to help others understand a bit more about me and how i make money online.  I really did not know much about the whole concept of blogging as an online tool or how it can benefit any business. It was not until after a few posts i realised it really is not that simple to just say what blogging is or to explain it to any newbies but i will do my best in this post.

First of all i have been blogging for over 2 years now and have been running Internet businesses for over 4. In that time i have developed as a writer and at the same time helped many other online web owners get started on there own venture.

Blogging is Pure Writing Expression

So let’s get to it, blogging in a nutshell to me is pure expression. If some one said to me blogging is not a writer i would have to disagree. At first blogging may be just blogging random topics but in time all bloggers go beyond that to writer status. This is when in a way turns from expression only to more of a part time income or part time task that one can use as a tool.

So am i writer you may ask..? Yes i am, call me a blogger if you wish because i write online but really there is no difference. In fact on this blog alone i have started to cross into the more than 700 posts range..

So for the question how can one explain blogging properly, i would say its anyone that dedicates themselves to writing well, as well as seeing it as a big enough element in there life to give it a naming title.. Blogger, Blogging, Writer.. Whichever one you want..?

Now that i have explained the fundamentals of what blogging is to me, i must state some of the many benefits one can use for a blog.. A way to make money online, a monetization tool, a traffic increaser for any online business and many more.. And the list goes on..  For all of you that are just new or a regular visitor to my blog feel free to subscribe to my free feed (above right, just add email). I have been making a living online now for over 4 years and so my blog is full of many helpful tips to help get any blog or website off the ground and started in the right direction..

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